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1 Evaro Area

2 Upper Finley Creek

3 Schley Area

4 Schley Creek

Snłaʔpcnálqʷ Nšiy̓etkʷs

5 Arlee Area

6 Jocko Hollow


7 Jocko River

Nłq̓alqʷ Sewłkʷs

8 Schall Flats

9 Arlee Spring Creek

Q̓aw̓ší Nšiy̓etkʷs

10 Ravalli Area

11 National Bison Range

12 Mission Mountians

Snyel̓mn Mq̓ʷmoq̓ʷs

13 Pistol Creek

14 Sabine Creek

Snyel̓mn ʔesłm̓óp

15 St. Ignatius Area

16 Mission Creek

Snyel̓mn Nšiy̓etkʷs

17 Post Creek

18 Nine Pipe Reservoir

X̣n̓tsnmé Čłq̓líʔs

19 Knoll along Crow Creek

20 Crow Creek

Nm̓l̓a Nšiy̓etkʷs

21 Ronan Area

22 Mud Creek

23 Pablo Area

24 Polson Hill

25 Flathead Lake

26 Polson Area

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